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   "God put hair over the sheepdogs eyes so that he could not see the faults of those he loved !"

I'm not quite sure where that quote came from but how true it is ! 
The Old English Sheepdog is the most loving, trusting, faithful of breeds. Happy to be your friend and companion and dedicated  protectors of those they love. They have the uncanny knack of being able to work their way firmly into your affections...... and then TAKE OVER!


   We aim to produce quality bobtails with kind temperaments and a love of Life ! Please take the time to view our pages and you will see just how addictive this breed really is..... Read about our dogs and see how we started

We hope you enjoy our site !

The Drover's Bob-Tailed Collie

Nature who made you rough and grey and meek,

Reft you of dogdom's silent power to speak,

Cut off your tribal customary flag,

nd left you with nothing you could wave or wag.

Yet, still unfair herself, she made you fair,

A bob-tailed beauty in a mass of hair.

ith two dark eyes on which her mind she spent,

To make them tender, wise, and eloquent.

Rosemary Meynell 

 We were sent the most beautiful and touching poem by another Bobtail lover who had just lost a family pet.  Reading it put a huge lump in our throats but we just thought that we had to share it with you.  This poem is  for anyone who has ever loved and lost a bobtail.  

You will find a link to the poem on our navigation bar!

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