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                    All About our Bobtails !

Our 'Love Affair' with the Old English Sheepdog began over 30 years ago, in the early 1980s when we bought our first beautiful girl by Dervance Desmond. From then on we were 100% hooked and completely besotted by the breed.

We live on a small farm nestled on the South/East Yorkshire borders where our dogs are allowed the freedom to enjoy and express themselves. They mix happily with our Appaloosa horses and our cats (who definitely rule the roost here) Our dogs are rarely on leads, 100% absolutely dedicated to us and know every inch of our farm, probably better than we do. When we are mucking out stables (daily) the dogs are right there with us, and for every human journey to the muck pile, our dogs manage at least two! and are brilliant at second guessing our every move. Without exception our dogs are glad to be alive and love the freedom we allow them... and they most certainly bloom!  

We wouldn't ever boast that our dogs are the best groomed show dogs in the world but they must be amongst the happiest and most content with their lot. We currently live with our 8th generation of Haverlands dogs. They are all gentle souls who adore people and other animals. 

We mostly keep them clipped down to a reasonable length as we do not show. Don't get us wrong, we have absolutely nothing against showing if that is what owners wish to do, but we personally don't have the time or inclination to go gallivanting about the country wasting hard come-by weekends to be stuck inside at dog shows watching our dogs benched for hours waiting to enter a class. It just isn't the way we have ever wanted to go! But just because we are not embroiled in the UK show clique doesn't mean we have inferior dogs in any way. 

All our dogs come from good, healthy breeding with  lines of low hip scoring stock. They are eye tested clear of HC, are all free from PCD and are currently in the process of full and complete DNA testing and have the kindest of temperaments. We try our best to uphold the breed standard and when we do choose to breed, we are very mindful of reproducing these attributes. Furthermore, we  pledge to home our puppies into homes rich in love and patience where they will be appreciated, providing them with long,  happy and fulfilled lives
We give 100% support to their owners for however long it is needed and we have enriched our own lives with many friendships through the breed

 If you need help or advice finding a bobtail puppy then please do let us know. 

We may be able to steer you in the right direction of a good litter or we are just happy to chat to like minded people !


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