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Recent Photos of the MOB!

We already have a selection of photos on another dedicated page but thought that we would add some taken of our current band of renegades. 

Living with so many bobtails is not easy when you have them all vying for attention and it's been vertually impossible to get all  to stay quietly whilst I got photos of them. 

They just don't seem to understand the word "sit" when the camera comes into play.  They just want to be dippy and do their own thing! Which is usually the case if I'm honest.

I would not change one of them for all the tea in China!

Intoducing "The Mob"...... Well, six and a half of them! ... Best I could do I'm Affraid!

( ......Front to back.....Brie is the half! with Pagan above, then Jess, Dan and the shaved one at the top is Domino.  To her left is Jade at the gate with Buffy bringing up rear! )



Puffin! Buffy!



Side by side...Buffy with Brie and Dan checking them out!



The nearest I got to "Stay"...Dan with flying ears at the front. Jess and Brie side by side and Jade watching over them all



This was the crew of girls. Domino, Jade, Pagan and Jessie



......and Finally! Legs Akimbo! Dan, My ripper of a dog. Would you believe him. I Think "Daft as a brush" comes to mind!!



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